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I said, maybe we should go back to the doctor. It had been more than three months since our last visit to Dr. Nikko, so we figured that the first course of action was to get a seminalysis again at St. Luke’s CARMI. We brought all the old tests, and the new test results, when we went to see Dr. Nikko in April.

Even to our untrained eyes, the results were clear. The numbers on Oneal’s tests had drastically improved! We didn’t want to assume anything, so we waited patiently for our turn to see Dr. Nikko.

I remember clearly that we were having lunch in the cafe downstairs, when we saw my OB, Dr. Jayjay, and her husband, Dr. Greg. We waved at them through the window, and they came in to say hello. “We’re here to see Dr. Nikko,” we explained.

“Naku, malapit na yan!” Dr. Jayjay said cheerfully.

I smiled politely. “Sana nga,” I said, trying not to hope.

“Ay, basta. Malapit na rin!” she claimed. “Basta when it happens, I’ll take care of you.” They left us to our lunch, and Oneal and I looked at each other. We shrugged.

Happily, the doctor saw the results and was just as encouraged. He seemed quite excited and happy, and he seemed sure, so sure, that we were on the right path, and that we would conceive soon

He gave us another prescription for the same hormone treatment. “When do we come back?” we asked.

“No need to come back!” he said cheerfully (It was a day for cheerful, optimistic doctors, apparently!). “Just keep taking the hormones!”


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